I can’t log in. What should I do?

Please contact the Call Center at 1-888-828-4798 ext. 12791

How can I help my child with the i-Ready assessments?

We need your child’s wrong answers! Since the instructional path for your child will be selected based on the results of the assessments, it is essential that parents don’t influence a student’s choice of answers in any way. If this occurs, the instruction will be much too difficult for the student. Parents can help students, however, with technical components of the assessment.

Acceptable Types of Assistance

  • Encouraging your child to complete the assessments
  • Providing login assistance
  • Adjusting sound on the computer
  • Controlling the mouse/track pad for younger students after they’ve pointed to their selected answer on the screen
  • Encouraging your child to take a break when needed. Simply hit the Stop button, and the test will resume at the same point when your child logs back in.

Unacceptable Types of Assistance

  • Reading questions or passages out loud (There are speaker buttons that students can press to hear some questions/passages out loud. Nothing else should be read for students.)
  • Reading answer options out loud
  • Giving your child correct answers
  • Guiding your child to the correct answers through leading questions
  • Showing disappointed reactions to incorrect answers

Can I see my child's assessment results?

Yes! Please contact your child’s assigned Advisor.

How much time should students spend in the program?

i-Ready research indicates that students experience the most gains in reading when they work in instructional lessons for at least 45 minutes weekly when used alongside a full reading program during the school year. Minimally, we recommend spending 30 minutes per day three days a week to practice and keep skills sharp. If the student is below grade level, and hoping to improve skills, 30 minutes five days a week is recommended.

My child completed the assessment. When can he/she begin the instructional lessons?

Immediately! Have your child log back into i-Ready and select “Reading” as he/she did for the assessment. This time there should be a button saying “Start Lessons.” If you see an error message saying that no tests have been assigned, please contact your child’s assigned Advisor.

Can I check my child’s progress on the lessons?

Yes! Ask your child log into i-Ready and select “Reading.” Then click on the “My Progress” tab and select “Detail.”